I got an error code 109

Error 109 is indicating that your SellerID and MWS token can not be verified or is invalid. This is usually caused by either one of the reasons

 Reason Solution 
The Amazon Seller account was recently created within the last 24 hours & Amazon hasn't provisioned the MWS SellerID or Token Yet Allow 1-2 days then come back to the asinzen portal to add your SellerID and MWS Keys following this guide here. 
The Amazon Account has a billing issue and has access to MWS has been deactivated Log into seller central and verify that your Amazon seller account is a professional account and that you have no pending issues. 
 The developer ID was entered incorrectly or  Please verify that you entered the asinzen developer ID correctly. You can find the developer's ID's here and follow the guide here.

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