Troubleshooting connection issues between your browser and the asinzen servers

Use the troubleshooting table below to troubleshoot connection issues 

Symptoms Possible Cause   Solution  Support images
When clicking the login button you get an error "Something went wrong contact support" 

Your firewall is blocking outbound or inbound traffic from asinzen server 

asinzen web servers are down and not responding

Review your firewall on your computer/router to make sure no policies are being applied that block connection to the asinzen servers  Click to see the image
After your log into AZInsight you go to a different product page but you get logged out with an error saying your session has expired 

Your connection is not communicating back to the asinzen server and the state of of the application is not kept

Verify your connection is not using some sort of proxy that does not support transfer communication between your computer and the asinzen servers   

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