Tips & Tricks # 09 - Group products by same price using the Data Table


Challenge: When working with the Stock Checker Tab you may sometimes need to see how many sellers are list under the same price and what their stock is. This can also apply to the variations tab. 

Product In this example: ASIN B07HS1LGY3 "URBAN-DECAY Naked Cherry Palette". 

Summary: Our task is to sort all the variations and show which ones fall under the same price. 

How's how to do it : 

1. Click on the columns button on the right of the table

2. Click the grey grid icon Price + Shipping into the Section titled Row Groups

3. Click on the 3 vertical lines and then click on Expand All

Here you will see there are 3 Sellers selling at 79.99 and you can see what their individual stock is

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