Tips & Tricks # 13 - Sort variations of an ASIN by rank (BSR) using the Data Table


Challenge: When working with the Variation Viewer Tab you may want to sort the child ASIN's by highest to lowest or lowest to highest BSR.

Product In this example: ASIN B07HF597B5 "KUBUA Mens Running Shoes Trail Fashion Sneakers". 

Summary: Our task is to sort all the child ASIN's by highest to lowest and lowest to highest BSR.

How's how to do it : 

1. Click on the columns button on the right of the table

2. Click the Rank

3. Click on up/down arrow in the column Rank to sort. 

Hint: If you don't see the rank column it may be all the way right hand side use the slider on the bottom of the table to shift the view to the right.

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