Tips & Tricks # 07 - Adding custom costs on the calculator


Challenge: When working with the FBA calculator you may need to add custom costs such as estimated packing supplies costs, USPS, Fedex, etc. into your calculations to help you better determine a more accurate estimation of Net Profit / ROI when doing product research. For this example, we add custom costs $15.00 will be the cost to box and ship the product into FBA 

How's how to do it : 

1. Click Settings Gear icon then click on Calculator Settings

2. Locate and expand the Customize your Fixed Costs section then click on CLICK TO SET COSTS

3. Click the + button to Add New Custom Cost.

4. Enter a name and amount and select FBA under Applies to. Click on the green disk Save Custom Costs and Click CLOSE. You can leave Type to $, Multiple. 

5. Go into the Calculator Tab. Click on the   

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