Tips & Tricks # 08 - Change the way to calculate ROI (Return on Investment)


Challenge: When working with the Calculator you may sometimes need to change the way you calculate ROI.

Summary: Our task is to add a custom cost to the ROI calculation of $2.00 and make sure our ROI includes our Amazon fee's.

Here's how to do it : 

1. Click on the gear icon on the top right of the chrome extension and click on Calculator Settings

2. Click on Click to Set Costs

3. Click the + button, enter in the name and amount. Make sure to select Applies to Both and Status On then click on Green Disk Icon to save and then click close

Tip: You can add many custom costs that can be turned on and off when ever needed

4. Go to the under the section How to calculate ROI and select option number 3.

5. Go back to the calculator and make sure in the net profit your custom cost shows up 

Terms used above

buy cost = cost for you to purchase the products

custom costs = costs you manually put into AZInsights custom cost 

amazon fee's = the Fee's amazon indicates it will charge you to sell this product

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