Tips & Tricks # 14 - Store your username and password in lastpass to share with a VA or team member


Challenge: You want to share your username and password with a Virtual Assistant or an Associate using Lastpass.

Safety Tip: We recommend you set your password to a new password that you feel safe sharing. The person with whom you are sharing your account may potentially have the ability to lock you out of your own account if he or she has access to your email account as well. If that happens, please contact support immediately. 

Summary: Our task is to create a last pass entry to allow us to share our username and password with another user who 

How's how to do it : 

1. Go to an product page

2. Right-click on the LastPass icon, hover over the LastPass, and then click on Add Item

3. Click on the PASSWORD icon, then fill out the form with the URL as, Name: AsinZen, Username: You AsinZen email address Password: Your AsinZen password

4. Click Save, then go back to AZInsight and click the LastPass icon on the username field

5. Choose AsinZen and click to allow LastPass to auto-fill the username and password and then click LOGIN.

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