Why does it say N/A on the Quantity column ?

There are several reasons that may cause the stock checker to show N/A on the quantity column. Below we outline some of the most common causes with possible solutions:

Cause: Amazon is blocking your browser because too request  are being made at the same time

Solution: Limit the number of windows you are tabs you are opening up at the same time.

Cause: Your location is not set on Amazon.com 

Solution:  Make sure your location is set. See how to do that here.

Cause: You are using AZInsight on multiple Chrome profiles on the same computer 

Solution: Switch and use AZInsight on only one profile

Cause: You are using AZInsight on same Chrome profile on the different computer 

Solution: Switch and use different profiles on each computer

If none of the above causes sounds like what you are experiencing please reach out to a customer champion to set up a remote session to troubleshoot this issue.

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