Why do I need to add asinzen as a developer in my seller central account ?

For our tools to properly get important information to perform calculations we relay on Amazon.com not any other 3d Party providers (such as Keepa). Information such as product dimension (weight height, size). No Information regarding hazmat or seller restrictions is requested via the Amazon APi, these functions are performed on your behalf via your browser. Amazon.com does not make the product dimension information available to the public and considers it privileged information only individuals with Amazon Selling accounts can access. Therefore Amazon.com requires a developer such as asinzen to have access to an official APi (method to communicate). 

In order to access the APi a developer must be added into your account under the developer's section with their Developer ID. This is the reason we require access to your Amazon MWS account. 

asinzen complies with the code of conduct and meets or exceeds all digital security measures set forth in the Amazon.com documentation. asinzen also ensures the privacy and security of your information and at no time accesses any information on your account other than calling product dimension data on for an ASIN. You can read more about this in our Amazon Terms of Service Compliance

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