What data can be exported using quick copy, copy to csv / xls or googlesheets feature ?

The Quick Copy, Export to CSV (excel) and google sheets allow you to export the following data fields from the AZInsight calculator into your system clipboard or onto an excel sheet or google sheets. You can customize the layout and the order of the data that is exported using the Export / Copy Settings. Note Some data might not be available and shows up blank on the export

Product Detailed Data

Product Title, Amazon Url, Date, ASIN, Category, BSR, Model, Manufacturer, Top%, Shipping Weight, Size Tier, S&L message, Is Hazmat, Amazon Price, FBA offers with 3% of Lowest Price, Brand, UPC

Historical Data           

Avg 90D Sales Rank, Avg 90D Buy Box, Avg 90D Amazon Price, Avg 90D 3rd Party FBM, Month Sales, Monthly Revenue, BuyBox Price, Lowest FBA Price, Lowest FBM Price, Band Restriction, No. of FBA Offers, No. of FBM Offers

Advanced Data

Product Link, Product Image Link, Keepa Link, Dimensions, Unit Weight, Parent Asin

FBA Calculator Data

No. of FBA Offers, FBA Sell Price, FBA Buy Cost, FBA Total Amazon Fees, Inbound Shipping Costs, FBA Total Costs, FBA total Fees & Costs, FBA Net Profit, FBA ROI%, FBA Margin%, No. of FBM Offers,

FBM Calculator Data

FBM Sell Price, FBM Buy Cost, FBM Total Amazon Fees, FBM Total Costs, FBM Total Fee & Costs,FBM Net Profit, FBM ROI%, FBM Margin%

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