KNOWN ISSUE - Kaspersky Lab Antivirus App indicates Trojan inside AZInsight

Discovered: March 14, 2019

Issue:  If you are running Kaspersky Lab, Anti-Virus, Internet Security, or Total Security you may receive a message saying chrome extension contains a trojan "HEUR: Trojan.script generic". In doing so the antivirus is deleting files causing chrome to say " This extension may have been corrupted."

Cause: Kaspersky Lab detecting javascript as a trojan

Current Solution:  To go into the chrome extension window. Repair the extension by following this article. Close Chrome browser, then Kaspersky will notify you via the Notification Screen or via the popup in windows. Click on Add to exclusions.

Fix ETA: N/A


Kaspersky Lab, a popular Antivirus checks chrome extension files for antivirus. For some reason, it is detecting the javascript as a FALSE POSITIVE inside AZInsight. Rest assured  AZInsight  does not have any trojan or virus inside. 

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