How to create sub-account for team members or to use on another computer

AZinsight now gives you the ability to add sub-accounts under your main account. This addresses the following issues:

  • The need for the primary account holder to give his/her username and password out to team members who need access to the tool .
  • Allow a user to be log into multiple computers at the same time.

Important Note

By default, your every subscription is allowed 3 logins at the same time (the main account plus two other sub-accounts). If you need more then 3 users to use AZInsight you can purchase the additional logins plugin which will give you more logins. You can read more about the additional logins plugin here.


To create sub-accounts follow these steps:

1. Login into the AsinZen Portal using thru the link found in AZInsight or using the link on the browser bar or by visiting

2. Once inside the Web Portal click on your profile name then click on  "Manage Accounts"

3. To add a new user start by clicking on "ADD SUB-ACCOUNTS" 

3. Enter the user first/last name, email address and set a password then click on "SAVE AND CLOSE".

4. On the " Chart of Accounts" you will see a list of accounts you have authorized

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