How to uninstall & reinstall a chrome extension ?

Some times you might have to uninstall and reinstall a chrome extension for some reason the installation is incomplete or code is corrupted.

1. Start by uninstalling the extension. Go to the top right side of your chrome browser where the extension icons are located. Right-click on the extension icon and click remove from chrome

2. Click the remove button 

3. Exit out and chose all instances of the Google Chrome browser to ensure nothing is in the RAM using the following steps

Click the "≡" button and select “Exit”. This button icon located on the upper right of the window. This will close all windows and tabs and end the process.

  • Windows keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Q or Alt+F4+Q will also work.
  • Mac keyboard shortcut ⌘ Cmd+Q will also work

4. Open Google Chrome web browser again

5. Then reinstall the newest version of extension you need using one of the hyperlinks below

6. Click on Add to Chrome then click  Add to Chrome

8. Click on Add extension

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