Tips & Tricks # 15 - Create a spreadsheet to quickly check profit on product using AZInsight custom URL feature


Challenge: How to check the multiple ASIN's with a preset buy cost to ensure for profitability using the AZInsight custom URL feature

Summary: Our task is to create an excel sheet with a column that contains the ASIN's and the special hyperlink that allows us to open the chrome browser with AZInsight prefilled with the buy cost. Note this method can also be used on a google sheet.

Here's how to do it : 

1. Create an excel sheet with any columns you want (see our example here) and create a column called "AZInsight URL"

2. In the column under  "AZInsight URL" enter the Remember to replace placeasinhere with you ASIN.

3. Click on the URL and now AZInsight will open with our prefilled buy cost. Note you can open up multiple URL's at the same time. 

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