What do the different Seller Restriction and Hazmat icons mean ?

Icon What is means Explanation  What it's related to
You have permission to list this item

The  GREEN check mark indicates that your account is NOT restricted. You are able to list this item

Seller Restriction

You DO NOT have permission to list this item The  RED check mark icon indicates that your account IS restricted for this item. When this is the case, another icon will appear in the HAZability extension. Click that icon and you will immediately be on the Amazon page where you can Request Permission to sell the product. No more copying and pasting and clicking multiple links to find the proper place to request permission  Seller Restriction
  Sell Yours The GREEN marketplace icon will redirect you to the Amazon Seller Central page where you can list your ASIN Seller Restriction

Hazmat Checker is working or Inactive

The Gray Flame icon indicates that the extension is working or inactive.


Item is NOT Hazmat

The  GREEN Flame icon indicates that the item is NOT Hazmat. Refer to the Check Mark to see if you are able to list this item


Item IS Hazmat The  RED cloud icon indicates that the item IS Hazmat. Refer to the Check Mark to see if you are able to list this item. Hazmat items can only be Merchant Fulfilled unless you have prior FBA Hazmat approval Hazmat

Item IS unclassified

The ORANGE question mark icon indicates that the item hazmat status is unknown and Amazon is unable to classify as it is not enrolled in FBA


Item REQUIRES a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

The ORANGE information box icon indicates that the item requires a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to classify it for Amazon's to make a decision.

Get Permissions to list

The  BLACK arrows icon will redirect you to the Amazon seller listing page where you can request permissions to list this ASIN

Seller Restriction

More information available on this item

Hover your cursor over the   ORANGE Triangle with an exclamation icon to see the actual Amazon restriction messages about this item

Seller Restriction

Item IS Hazmat and CAN NOT be sold under FBA

The RED Campfire icon indicates that the item IS Hazmat and can not be fulfilled by Amazon under no circumstances


Item is under Hazmat Review

The ORANGE microscope icon indicates Amazon is reviewing the item. You must submit the Hazmat info or an exemption prior to selling the product FBA


Last updated: 4/20/2020

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