Where to find the Seller ID (Merchant Token) and MWS Token in Amazon Seller Central

This tutorial assumes you have already added asinzen as a developer on Amazon Seller Central. If you haven't completed this step please refer to the video found here.

Where to get the Amazon SellerID (Merchant Token)


Log into Amazon Seller Central 


Refer to the table below to get the link that will take you to the page where you can get your SellerID. This will take you to a page that will display Your Merchant Token (also known as your Amazon SellerID)

Marketplace  Link  
US/CA/MX Click here
UK  Click here
DE Click here

Where to get the MWS Auth Token for asinzen


Using the table below locate your marketplace page and click on the corresponding link   

Marketplace  MWS token page 
amazon.com  US Accounts
amazon.co.uk  UK Accounts
amazon.de DE Accounts

Locate the row that asinzen is under and under the column labeled MWS Auth Token found click VIEW

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