Tips & Tricks # 20 - Process a list of ASIN's to find if products are hazmat and if you're eligible to sell


Note: This Tip & Tricks assumes you have the Bulk Checker Pro Plugin. You can still accomplish using the basic FREE Bulk Checker with certain limitations. Learn more about the difference of the Bulk Checker Basic vs Pro here

Challenge: Check a list of ASIN on a CSV or XLS file to see if they are hazmat or if your Amazon account is eligible to sell them and export the results. 

Summary: Upload a file list of ASIN and get the results of the ASINs 

Here's how to do it : 

1. Open your favorite spreadsheet application (google sheets, excel) and create a spreadsheet with a list of ASIN's you wish to check. You can export a list of ASIN's from a program like PriceShopper, WholeSale Inspector, Sourcing Mogul, Tactical Arbitrage, OXRAY, ASINIspector

2. Click on the Bulk Checker Tab and select Mode Seller Restriction & Hazmat Only

3. Click Browse and locate the file you prepared in step 1.  Once uploaded the Bulk Checker will begin checking on ASIN at a time for Seller Restriction & Hazmat Only. 

4. After the checker is finished. Click on CSV to export the results in a csv file.

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