How do I verify that asinzen has been added as a developer in Amazon Seller Central or is active developer?

To verify asinzen was added as a developer in your Amazon Seller Central: 

Step 1: Log into Amazon Seller Central, click on Settings, then click on User Permissions


Step 2: Scroll to the section that says Third-Party Developers and Apps and clicks on "Visit Manages Your Apps

Here you will the developer nickname asinzen listed along with the asinzen developer ids. Note under status, and you should see Active. If not, you will have to activate it and update your MWS Authen Token.

To verify asinzen is an active developer: 

1. Login into Amazon Seller Central

2. Click this link US Accounts or UK Accounts or DE Accounts

3. Locate the row with asinzen and look under the column Status. If the status is Active, then asinzen is an active developer on your account. If under status, you see Disabled will have to click enable, which will generate a new MWS Auth token that you will have copy add to your account on the asinzen web portal.

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