How do I request a higher MWS quota?

Every Amazon Professional account comes with a standard MWS Quota. This MWS Quota is shared between all the applications you have listed on your Amazon Seller Central accounts, such as a re-pricer or sourcing apps. 

Note: Inactive or underperforming Amazon Professional accounts can sometimes be throttled. 

Depending on your account type, to request a higher MWS Quota go to one of the links listed below:

Once in the help main screen 

1. Click on the box Your Account

2. Then Select Account Issues

3. For the Contact reason enter: 

Requesting MWS Quota limit from to 18000 and higher

4. In the description, enter:

Dear MWS team, I am currently using several applications as an amazon seller, such as a re-pricer, sourcing app, and inventory app to process my orders, manage my inventory. I am receiving an error saying my quota has exceeded the allowed limit. I am requesting that my MWS API quote be increated so I can continue to work without any disruptions

5. Enter your email address 

6. Click send

You should receive a message within 1-2 business days with an email stating you have been approved for the MWS Quota increase.

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