How to perform a clean install when the stock checker isn't working

To perform a clean install, please uninstall the version AZInsight installed on your and then re-install it.

Locate and right-click on the AZInsight icon on the top right-hand corner of the chrome browser (if the icon is hidden, please unpin it using these instructions here).
Click on Remove from Chrome
Exit out and close all instances of the Google Chrome browser to ensure the browser clears the computer RAM and successfully reloads the new extension code. 
On Windows keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+ ⇧ Shift+ Q or Alt+ F4 will also work. On the Mac keyboard, shortcut ⌘ Cmd+ Q will also work.

Re-install the AZInsight Chrome Extension


Click on this link here

Click on Add to Chrome and then click on the button Add extension

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