What permissions on Amazon Seller Central does the account need to run the Seller Restriction & Hazmat Checker ?

The account will require the following permissions

 Function Permissions needed
 Item Classification Guide  View and Edit
 Manage Inventory/Add a product  View and Edit

The permissions are set on Permission page found here

Here is how to grant the subaccount the necessary permissions to run the Seller Restrictions and Hazmat checker.

Step 1: Log in to Amazon Seller Central, click on Settings on the top right-hand corner, then click on User Permissions 


Step 2: Scroll to the User Permissions section enter the name of the sub-account user you want to grant access to and create then enter the email address. Click on Send Invitation and Check the email and complete the process of creating an Amazon account to access the sub-account.

Step 3:  Once the account is verified you will see it listed under Current Users. Click on Manage Permissions. 


Step 4: Select all the radio buttons under None column to deny the sub-account user access to these sections. 

Step 5: Check in the section the following sections under the column View and Edit to grant the sub-account access 

  • Item Classification Guide
  • Manage Inventory/Add a product

Step 6: Click Continue button towards the bottom of the page. 

At this point, the sub-account should now have enough permissions to use the chrome extension.

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