Tips & Tricks # 22 - Spotting the ASIN with attributes having most reviews within its subset


What we're trying to do: Find the size of a shoe that is the most popular based on review count, and then locate the color in that size that has the most offers/reviews

Scenario: We found a sneaker with many variations (colors/size), and we want to see what size is being most reviewed and the color in that size that looks like it could be the better performing ASIN. The ASIN used in this example: B07D9L15L5

How's how to do it : 

1. Open the variation viewer and let the table finish populating the data.

2. Click in the "Found in Stock" checkbox and expand the "Summary of reviews per variations properties."

3. On the table where Size and Review show, click to sort by review. This will sort which size has the most reviews. In this example, we see the size 10.5 is the most reviewed.

4. Knowing this information, we click on the "show/hide advanced filters" feature and select the 10.5 Size shoe.

5. We then continue to the variation viewer window and sort the column by Review and then note the offer per that color at the size 10.5. For this example, we see the Grey White/Grey has 9 reviews (Number 4) and the least offers. In comparison, the White/Black/White has reviews, but the most offer at 14 (Number 1).

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