How does AZNotes plugin work?

AZNotes Plugin gives you the ability to create a note for an SKU of a particular ASIN on either the Amazon Seller Central inventory page or the Shipping Queue page and the Amazon product page

Note: For AZNotes to show up on Seller Central, you must be logged in to have a browser tab running where you are logged into AZInsight. See a list of features of the AZNotes plugin here.  The FREE version limits you to 5 notes per account, while the paid versions come in 1K Pack that gives you 1000 maximum notes or the 10K Pack which gives you 1000 maximum notes.

To create a note, follow these steps: 

Go to either one of the following pages below.
  • Your Inventory page on Amazon Seller Central
  • Your shipping Queue page on Amazon Seller Central. 
  • An Amazon product page
Click on AZInsight SellerCentral Note Icon 
Write a note in the input box and move your mouse away from the input box to save the note. 

To view a note, follow these steps: 

Go to the Amazon product page using the ASIN. A Note icon will appear, which you can click on to view, edit the note you created on the Amazon Seller Central page.

Demonstration of AZ Note on the Various pages

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