Tips & Tricks # 25 - Create a custom export field and assign a value to it before exporting it to your spreadsheet


Here's how to do it: 

Note: In this example, we will be giving an ASIN a custom export field 	Replenishable and assign it a value of: YES

1. Click the gear icon and go to Export/Copy Settings

2. Click on  "Add Blank" to create a custom field.

3. Locate the Blank custom field added and click on the pencil to edit to give that field name to what you want to identify it by. In this example, we will use  Replenishable. Click the Save disk icon, scroll to the bottom, and click the save button to save the changes.

4. Go back to the calculator screen and click the Export Clipboard icon

5. Enter the value exported for this ASIN. In this example, we use  YES as the value for the Replenishable Custom field we created. Click Save to apply the changes.

6. Then use any of the export features to export the data to your spreadsheet

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