How do I enable a plugin on AZInsight?

See Plugin Reference Table for a list of the Plugins that are available. To enable a plugin, please follow the steps outlined below:

Go to the web portal by opening a browser and going to or click here.
On your web portal, you will find two tabs at the bottom. One says Free Plugins, and the other says Paid Plugins.
Select the tab on which you will find the plugin you need, and you can use the list at the start of this article as a reference.
Once you have found the plugin you wish to enable, click on the GET IT NOW button.

You will receive a message that says, "Thank you! please refresh your browser for the new plugin to show up.

Plugin Reference Table

Plugin Name Type
InventoryLab Integration FREE 
SearchView  FREE 
Sales & Revenue Estimation  FREE 
Meltable Product Alert  PAID 
AZNotes  PAID 
My Custom Alerts PAID
Additional Login License PAID
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