What is the SearchView plugin and what Information does it provide ?

The SearchView plugin is an add-on for AZInsight and it is designed to give you product-related information directly on the search page of Amazon. In order for the plugin to work, it must be enabled please follow this guide to enable the plugin

Infroamtion SearchView gives you

  • Estimated of Monthly Sales
  • Estimated of Monthly Revenue
  • Current ASIN
  • Is Amazon a Seller on the listing
  • Does BuyBox exist
  • Total FBA Sellers 
  • Total FBM Seller
  • Current Rank in root category and sub-category 
  • Access to the AZInsight FBA/FBM calculator
  • Days ASIN has existed in Amazon Catalog 
  • Access to Hazmat and seller restrictions 

updated 6.2.2020

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