How to enable the InventoryLab plugin

To enable the InventoryLab to follow these steps


Login into the asinzen web portal


Click on AZInsight then scroll do the bottom section where it says  FREE PLUGINS


Locate InventoryLab Tab and Click on the button   GET IT NOW  


This will log you off AZInsight. Go back to an Amazon product page and log back into AZInsight for the plugin to be activated and enabled.


Go to InventoryLab and log in. If already logged into InventoryLab please refresh the page by clicking the browser page refresh button for the AZInsight to appear.


Navigate to one of the support pages where AZInsight shows up and you will see the Seller Restrictions Checker and Hamat icons appear. If unsure what pages please refer to this post to learn where AZInsight shows up 

If the plugin was activated successfully and is running you should see the AZInsight Icon the top of the InventoryLab page as shown in Figure1  

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