How does the My History feature work ?

My History works by allowing AZInsight to automatically keep track of the ASINs you visit. It will record in realtime the buy cost sell price, ASIN, Time Stamp, User account, magic links data for each ASIN you visit and push this data into a Google Sheet of your choice. 

To set this feature up follow this guide:

1. Connect the Google Sheets Integration using this guide 

2. While on the Google Sheets Settings menu click on the checkbox  Check to turn ON saving my History of browsing to Google sheet automatically 

3. Enter your Google Sheet ID for the sheet you wish to push the My History Data and select the tab name. If unsure where to get the google sheet ID from then follow this guide here

4. Click the Calculator tab and enter any buy or sell price under FBA or FBM

5. Go back to the Google Sheet you entered the Sheet ID for and you should notice the data populate on the Google Sheet

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