I already logged into Amazon Seller Central but the message box keeps showing telling me to log in

If you are logged into Amazon Seller central but you keep seeing the "Please log in to Amazon Seller Central" dialog box, this usually caused by one of the issues listed below: 

You are only logged into Amazon with a buyer account and have not logged into Amazon Seller Central using your seller account.

Solution: Please log in to Amazon Seller Central.

Your browser has a corrupted install of AZInsight

Solution: Perform a clean install following this guide here

Another Amazon Chrome Extension is blocking the ability of AZInsight to detect if you are logged into Amazon Seller Central 

Solution: Turn off all chrome extension except AZInsight and then turn them back one by one to eliminate the possible extension that is causing the conflict. Learn more about how to do this here.

The version of AZInsight you have install is outdated 

Solution: Update to the latest version following this guide here

The version of Chrome Browser is outdated. 

Solution: Update to the latest version of the chrome browser following this guide here

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