Can I research products from different Amazon marketplaces on the one browser at the same time ?

Yes, AZInsight allows you to research products on Amazon marketplaces (.com/.ca/.mx/.de/ at the same time with the following limitations described below:

Limitation A

Related to: Hazmat Checker and Seller Permissions

Limitation: Amazon Seller Central must be set on the same marketplace as of the marketplace of the product you are researching. Otherwise, the hazmat and seller restrictions do not operate properly  

Example Case: You are researching a product on Amazon.CA ( want to check the hazmat and seller restriction permissions of this product, your Amazon Seller Central must be on as well. So you should log into

Limitation B

Related to: Calculator, Stock Checker

Limitation: Your location on the Amazon product page should match the location of the marketplace, otherwise the Stock Checker might not get the list of sellers and their stock qty correctly.

Example Case: You are researching a product on Amazon.CA ( your location on Amazon should be set to a city in Canada (Toronto, Alberta, etc.) 

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