How to multiply the referral fee by number and add it back into the fees breakdown?

Multiplying the referral fee is done using the custom costs feature. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

1. Click on the Settings gear icon, then click on Calculator Settings

2. Locate and expand the section called Customize your fixed costs and click on the + to add a custom cost

3. Enter a Name for the custom cost (e.g., padding the referral fee)

4. Enter a percent in the Amount input field (e.g., 20)

5. Using the drop-down under Type select %

6. Using the drop-down under the Multiply by select Referal Fee

7. Using the drop-down under Applies to select your desired fulfillment type FBA or FBM

8. Using the drop-down Status select On

9. Click Save, then go back to the calculator and click on the FBA or FBM fees breakdown window to see the additional fee show up.

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