Troubleshooting: I exported to Google Sheets but I don't see the the data exported or it doesn't show up on the last row on the sheet

The Google Sheets API that AZInsight communicates with will automatically send the data directly to the last row on the Google sheet. Still, sometimes some formulas or actions are applied to the sheet to manipulate the data. Please check if there are my special sort or filters to any of the columns column actions applied, moving the data export from showing up on the last row of the Google Sheet. 

Try the following:

Check to see if you have an automatic sort applied to the column and the data causing google sheet to move the row of data either up or down on the sheet.
Check to make sure you logged into the Google Chrome browser.
Check to make sure that the Sheet tab name has not changed.
If you have filters applied, you can follow this article by this 3rd website on how to clear them:

If you are still experiencing issues, contact support.

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