Why can't I use my AZInsight account on more than one browser at the same time ?

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To combat fraud and the sharing of accounts under one subscription, each AZInsight account comes with 3 login licenses.

The login license includes:

  • The main account (an account that paid for the subscription)
  • 2 sub-accounts for use by your team members

Each login license has its own email and password that can only be used to log into AZInsight or on ScanEZ one device at a time. † If you need to create a sub-account for a team member please follow this guide here. If you would like to learn in more detail how sub-accounts work then click here. 

📕   Example of one login at a time process works

Scenario one:  You are on your laptop at home and log into AZInsight using janedoe@gmail.com. You then go to your work laptop in the office and log into using janedoe@gmail.com then your session on the home computer will expire and you will be kicked out and asked to log back in. 

Scenario two:  You are in ScanEZ on your mobile app. You then go onto your laptop and log into AZInsight then your session on the ScanEZ on your mobile app will expire and you will be kicked out and asked to log back in. 

† AZInsight is not locked to a certain computer and does not track what computer you are using. Therefore you can use the same email and password on many computers with the limitation that you can only log in with an email and password on one browser at a time.

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