How to run AZInsight on a computer that is older with less RAM Memory ?

If you are running AZInsight on a chrome browser that is installed on a PC or MAC that is older and has less then 8GB of RAM your browser might be limited to the amount of RAM Memory that it can use up. We suggest install and running browser extension manager and following these steps below: 

Go to the chrome store and install the chrome extension called extensity or use this link here 
Click on the Extensity extension icon then click on the Profiles button


Click on the New profile name and Give it a name "All my extensions" and click select all your extensions

Click Save

Click on the New Profile Name and enter "Sourcing Extensions" and select at most  3 sourcing extensions and click Save and Close

 Now go to an Amazon product page Click on the Extensity chrome extension icon. Under the Profile Select " Sourcing Extensions"

This will turn off any other extensions you do not need to save memory on the chrome browser.    

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