What is Insight360 and how does it work ?

Insight360 is a feature within AZInsight that allows you to reverse search a product title for a match on Amazon as well as open the AZInsight calculator to perform product research. Insight360 will work on any page where you have the ability to highlight a text (product title) and right-click to get to the Chrome context menu. Insight360 is enabled by default on AZInsight:

Open a supplier product page (eg. Walmart - Nerf Revoltinator Nerf Zombie Strike Toy)
Locate a product title, then holding the left mouse button drag your curers over the product title you wish to reverse search and release the mouse button once you are done highlighting.  
Right-click to open the Chrome context menu panel and house your mouse over " AZInsight Insight360 - Search selected text on..." and choose from one of the marketplaces on the list.
A new sidebar window will appear with various results that the tool able to the selected Amazon marketplace based on the text highlighted 
Click on the AZInsight icon to open the profit calculator

⚠️   MACOS users please make sure NOT use the "Command" + Space key on your keyboard to open the context menu. Please use the mac touchpad or mouse right-click to open the context menu. Otherwise, the text Insight360 captured to search is incorrect, can not get the correct text to search when using "Command" + space key

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