Enable CORS on Microsoft Edge to run AZInsight

To run AZInsight on Chrome you need to make some adjustments to the security settings of the Edge browser. Below you will find the two methods to adjust the security settings.

Tested on Microsoft Edge Version 86.0.622.38. This guide assumes that you have already installed the extension on the Microsoft Edge browser. If you have not done, please install the extension before continuing.

Manually resettings the CORS settings

Paste the URL edge://flags/ in the browser bar and press enter
A new window will appear with a search bar. Enter the word cors and press enter 
Locate the option that says  CORS for content scripts
Using the drop Select Enabled from Default
Locate and click the button on the bottom right that says Restart 

Using a CORS extension 

Download the Edge Add on called CORS Unblocker from here
Locate the CORS extension icon on the top of the edge browser and click it to enable it
Go to an Amazon Product page and log into AZInsight

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