KNOWN ISSUE - Address on Amazon is not set properly causing a constant reload of the page

Discovered: 10/27/2020

Issue: AZInsight does not detect an address on amazon set and attempts to set an address. 

Cause: Amazon made a change that blocks the user from adding a US address when coming from a non-USA IP address. 

Current Solution: Review the temporary solution below. AZInsight version 2.5.5 will include a fix for this. 

Fix ETA: 10.29.2020

Summary: N/A

Current Temporary Solution 

Uninstall the AZInsight chrome extension following this guide here
Clear the chrome browser cache using this guide here
Log into Amazon Seller Central or Amazon with a buyer account
Set your delivery address to a US address or create an address in the Amazon address book. If you are unsure how to create an address in the Amazon Address book, please refer to this guide
Reinstall AZInsight extension using this 
guide here

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