Can I be logged into the ScanEZ mobile app and AZInsight insight at the same time?

Can I be logged into the ScanEZ mobile app and AZInsight insight at the same time?

No, you can not log into ScanEZ and AZInsight at the same time with the same email and password on.
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    • Can I use the ScanEZ mobile app if I have a subscription to AZInsight Plus?

      No, you cannot use the ScanEZ mobile app if you have AZInsight Plus subscription.  To be able to log in and use ScanEZ mobile, you are required to have AZInsight Pro subscription. 
    • How to install the ScanEZ app

      The ScanEZ app is available for both iOS and Android phones. For Apple iPhones  If you use an Apple iPhone, please click here to install ScanEZ using your App Store. If you're using your phone you can go to your App Store and search for ScanEZ, then ...
    • How many sub-accounts can I have using ScanEZ?

      ScanEZ uses the same sub-accounts on your AZInsight account. If your sub-account has access to AZInsight, then he/she will also be able to log into the ScanEZ mobile App. You can create sub-accounts to log into AZInsight and ScanEZ on the asinzen ...
    • How does a sub-account get get the calcualtor on ScanEZ?

      A sub-account on ScanEZ will inherit the calculator settings from the main account. This is automatically done when the sub-account user logins into the mobile app.  If the main account user changes the calculator settings while the sub-account user ...
    • What AZInsight Advanced features are available on ScanEZ?

      Features AZInsight Advanced ScanEZ Note Profit Calculator Yes Yes ScanEZ has fewer features in Calculator Variations Yes Yes ScanEZ has simpler Variations Stock Checker Yes Yes Gated/Ungated Permissions Check Yes Yes Hazmat Check Yes Yes IP Claim ...