Does AZInsight work on Chrome browser running on a ChromeBook ChromeOS?

Does AZInsight work on Chrome browser running on a ChromeBook ChromeOS?

Yes, AZInsight version 1.3.5 and greater can work on a Chromebook. You can install Install the extension using this guide: ChomeBook extension install Instructions

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      To install AZInsight on chrome browser running on a Chromebook  follow the steps below: 1. Go to the Chrome store and type in AZInsight. 2. Click on Add to Chome, and then click on Add extension.  3. Go to an Amazon product page, refresh the tab and ...
    • Minimum version of ChromeOS for AZInsight to work

      The minimum version of ChromeOS for AZInsight to work on is 89 or greater.  Need to find the version of ChromeOS you are running, please follow the steps in this guide
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      If you notice that AZInsight is taking a long time to load, this may indicate you have too many background extensions running at the same time. Or that multiple Amazon extensions are running the same functions at the same time.  We recommended that ...
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      In order to run AZInsight you need to have: the latest version of the Google Chrome browser installed  the latest version of AZInsight chrome extension If after updating both the chrome browser and extensions you still do not see AZInsight show up ...
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