How can I get automatically notified when a new version of AZInsight is released?

How can I get automatically notified when a new version of AZInsight is released?

The asinzen team releases new versions of chrome extensions to add new features, fix bugs, etc. To help notify users when a version is available for download on the chrome store, we have created a web page to enter your email and notified a new version is released. If you are waiting for a specific version to be released that contains a bug fix or a feature request, you can click on the check box "Notify me only for a specific version" and then manually put in the version number and click the submit button. This is done by following the steps below:
1.  Open the URL
2.  Enter the email address where you would like to be notified 
3.  Select a tool from the drop-down labeled " What tool would you like to be notified when it's updated" and then click the Submit button
For advanced users, you can create a magic link:{youremail}&tool={tool}&v={version} to get autofill the notification form to get updated. Here is an example . In this we want to send a notification to and the app we want to get notified on is AZinsight and the version which we want the notification for is v1.3.8

How to create a magic link for the version notification system

Create a magic link by using the following syntax. Below we explain the variables and give an example of a link using a fake email account.{youremail}&tool={tool}&v={version}

 VariableWhat it means Example
{your email} the email where you want to send the notification to
{tool} the tool you want to get notified for. Available options are azinsight,azalert,scanez azinsight
{version}  the version number For example  v3.1.1

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