How do I become an affiliate or partner?

How do I become an affiliate or partner?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or partner of AZInsight. If so, please visit this page:

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    • What is the referral partner code used for?

      Your referral partner code is a unique identifier that is included inside the generate link that you use to earn commissions. 
    • Where do I find my referral links?

      Login into the Referral Partner Center. Select the "My account" tab. Next, click on the "Tracking Links" tab. There you will see the list of the referral links you can use on your website, blog, etc.
    • Where do I go to see how in commissions I have earned?

      Follow the steps below to access the affiliate portal and check on your commissions earned.  1. Open a browser window and login to 2. Locate the My Account Tab on the right-hand side of the screen 3. Locate and click on ...
    • Which referral links should I use when posting on my site?

      Login into the Referral Partner Center. Under the Resources, click on Tracking Links there you will find the following links.  AZInsight Signup Page will take users to the sign-up page To Sales Page of AZInsight Chrome Extension will take users to ...