How do I export or import the calculator settings?

How do I export or import the calculator settings?

If you're the main account owner, you can clone your Calculator Settings using the web portal.
  1. Log in to the web portal
  2. Navigate to the right top corner and select Manage Sub-Accounts
  3. Locate the sub-account to where you want to clone your Calculator Settings
  4. Click on the button "Clone your Calculator Settings"

You can also export and import your Calculator Settings using the AZInsight extension, have in mind that if you have disabled the Calculator Settings for your sub-account you will not be able to do this as you will not see the Calculator Settings on your sub-account menu.
  1. Click on the gear settings icon
  2. Click on Calculator Settings 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Export/Import
  4. If you are exporting, you need to give the calculator settings a file name and click on export. If you are importing a settings file, click to locate the file on your PC and select your settings file. 

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