How do I update the number of sub-accounts or secondary accounts for AZInsight?

How do I update the number of sub-accounts for AZInsight?

To add or remove sub-accounts from your subscription, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the web portal by clicking here
2. Click on the sub-accounts tab in the left side panel
3. Click on the button that says Update or Cancels Sub-Account Subscription
4. Find your Sub-Account plan on the billing screen, you can identify your plan by the name, Sub-Accounts plans have the words Sub-Accounts in the title
5. After finding your Sub-Account plan, click on the button Renew to update the number of your sub-accounts, as shown in the picture below

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      AZInsight Starter and Advanced users get 2 sub-accounts. This means you (the primary account holder) and two other people can use AZInsight under one paid account.
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      The only account that has permission to create other sub-accounts is the primary account (master account). The primary account (master account) is the account that the subscription was originally created with. 
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