How do I view all the AZNotes I have?

How do I view all the AZNotes I have?

To view all the notes, you have created with AZNotes. Follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Settings gear icon

2. Click on My Notes

3. Click on the button Click to view notes

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    • Who can create and/or edit AZNotes?

      Only the main account is able to create new and/or edit existing AZNotes. The sub-accounts only have read permissions. This means they can't create or edit the AZNotes. These permissions are assigned by default when a sub-account is created and can't ...
    • How does AZNotes plugin work?

      The AZNotes Plugin gives you the ability to create a note for an SKU of a particular ASIN on either the Amazon Seller Central inventory page  or the  Shipping Queue page or the Amazon product page.  To create a note, follow these steps:        1.  Go ...
    • How do I know if I am on the single view mode or multi-view mode?

      The way to determine if you are in the single view or the multi-view is by looking for the word VIEW ALL on the top. If it is present, then you are in multi-view mode. ​
    • How to disable AZNotes?

      If you wish to disable AZNotes, follow these steps:  1. Click on the Settings gear icon and then click on Plugins 2. Disable the AZnotes plugin ​
    • How to change from the compact mode view to full view mode

      To switch from the compact mode view to the full view mode, follow the steps below:       1. Locate the view mode button on the top right-hand corner of AZInsight       2. Click the view mode button to change to the full view mode ​