How does AZNotes plugin work?

How does AZNotes plugin work?

The AZNotes Plugin gives you the ability to create a note for an SKU of a particular ASIN on either the Amazon Seller Central inventory page  or the  Shipping Queue page or the Amazon product page

To create a note, follow these steps
      1.  Go to either one of the pages mentioned above
      2.  Click on AZInsight Seller Central Note Icon. 
      3.  Write a note in the input box and move your mouse away from the input box to save the note.

To view a note, follow these steps: 

      1.  Go to the Amazon product page using the ASIN. A Note icon will appear, which you can click on to view, edit the note you created on the Amazon Seller Central page.

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    • How to disable AZNotes?

      If you wish to disable AZNotes, follow these steps:  1. Click on the Settings gear icon and then click on Plugins 2. Disable the AZnotes plugin ​
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      When enabled the AZNotes plugin shows up on the following pages (please click to enlarge images):  Seller Central Inventory Page Seller Central Shipping Queue Page Product Page Restocking Page FBA Inventory Page
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