How does AZNotes plugin work?

How does AZNotes plugin work?

The AZNotes Plugin gives you the ability to create a note for an SKU of a particular ASIN on either the Amazon Seller Central inventory page  or the  Shipping Queue page or the Amazon product page

To create a note, follow these steps
      1.  Go to either one of the pages mentioned above
      2.  Click on AZInsight Seller Central Note Icon. 
      3.  Write a note in the input box and move your mouse away from the input box to save the note.

To view a note, follow these steps: 

      1.  Go to the Amazon product page using the ASIN. A Note icon will appear, which you can click on to view, edit the note you created on the Amazon Seller Central page.

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    • Who can create and/or edit AZNotes?

      Only the main account is able to create new and/or edit existing AZNotes. The sub-accounts only have read permissions. This means they can't create or edit the AZNotes. These permissions are assigned by default when a sub-account is created and can't ...
    • How to disable AZNotes?

      If you wish to disable AZNotes, follow these steps:  1. Click on the Settings gear icon and then click on Plugins 2. Disable the AZnotes plugin ​
    • AZNotes isn't showing on Amazon Seller Central

      In June 2024, Amazon launched a beta version of a new Manage Inventory page. AZNotes is not compatible with this beta version. If you encounter issues with AZNotes not appearing on the Manage Inventory page, ensure that you are not enrolled in the ...
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    • On what pages does the AZNotes show up on?

      When enabled the AZNotes plugin shows up on the following pages (please click to enlarge images):  Seller Central Inventory Page Seller Central Shipping Queue Page Product Page Restocking Page FBA Inventory Page