How does the My Links feature work?

How does the My Links feature work?

My Links feature gives you the ability to create basic hyperlinks and append the product ASIN, product title or UPC inside the URL. Below are instructions on how to create a URL in the My Links feature. 
  1. Click on the gear settings icon and My Links
  2. Click on the button labeled.  Click to set your Link if no links are set already, otherwise click on the + icon
  3. In the input field, "nickname" enters a name you wish to identify this link with (for example, Walmart)
  4. In the input field, "URL" enters the URL you want the open (for example, You may also use the append product title, product UPC, or the ASIN from the Amazon product page you are on. See the table below for what can be happened to the URL.  
  5. Click SAVE to save 
  6. Go back to the calculator screen and click on the QuickLinks dropdown to access the URL you just created 

When you want to append Example URL to enterWhat to put in the URL  What does it do
UPC MYUPCCreates a search on google searching for the product UPC   
Product Title


Creates a search on google searching for the product title 
ASIN Creates a search on google searching for the product ASIN 
Brand a search on Google using the ASIN brand.

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