How to autofill the BuyCost using my last price?

How to autofill the BuyCost using my last price?

Since v3.2.8, AZInsight has a new setting that will allow you to use your price history as BuyCost. So, what does this means? Let's see an example but first, let's make sure that we have our Autofill BuyCost setting enabled.

1. Click on the  icon to open the AZInsight settings
2. Click on Calculator Settings
3. Click on Autofill Buy Cost based on ROI or Profit or Margin or last Buy Cost
4. Select the Check to autofill the Buy Cost input field by using the last Buy Cost entered for each individual ASIN
5. Click Save

How does it work?

When you open an ASIN and add a BuyCost, AZInsight will store those values, the ASIN and the BuyCost. When you revisit the ASIN, AZInsight will load the last used BuyCost for that ASIN.
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