How to complete the tax interview in Seller Central

How to complete the tax interview in Seller Central

Why do I need to complete a tax interview?

The information that Seller Central collects during the tax interview is needed for completing an IRS W-9 or W-8 form, and it determines whether your sales are subject to IRS Form 1099-K reporting. 

How do I begin the process?

All you need to get started is your business’s U.S. tax identification number and/or foreign (non-U.S.) income tax identification number, if applicable. When you’re ready, start the interview.

Watch this detailed video:

How do I know whether I successfully completed the tax interview?

You can determine whether your tax interview is complete by viewing the status of your account in Seller Central, on the Account Info page. Your account status appears in the “Product Status” box on the top left of the screen.
  1. If you see Active next to Amazon Pay in the Product Status box, then your tax interview has been successfully completed and you are all set to transact.
  2. If you see "REGISTRATION_INCOMPLETE", your tax interview data is still being processed. Please wait 20 minutes and check again.

When my tax interview is complete, what do I do next?

Confirm that the Amazon Pay option is enabled on your site and that you are able to check out without seeing any errors. For platform-specific steps, visit Amazon's E-commerce plugins support pages.

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