How to add a secondary account to AZInsight also known as a sub-account?

How to add or remove a sub account on AZInsight ?

Sub-accounts allow you to provide access to the software to other team members or VA's without sharing your main account email and password. By default, your subscription comes with a total of 2 sub-accounts. If you need more than 2 sub-accounts you can purchase them from the web portal. Click here to learn how to purchase additional sub-accounts.

To create sub-accounts follow these steps:
  1. Login into the asinzen web portal using the link found inside AZInsight or by clicking this link here
  2. Click on your profile name, then click on   "Manage Accounts."
  3. Clicking on the button "ADD SUB-ACCOUNTS" 
  4. Enter the user's first name, last name, email address and set a password
  5. Click on  "SAVE AND CLOSE" and verify the account has successfully been added by looking at the Chart of Accounts.

To delete sub-accounts follow the instructions below:
  1. Login into the asinzen web portal by going to
  2. Click on your name and then click on manage sub-accounts 
  3. Locate the sub-account you wish to delete and then go to the far right and click on the red trash icon