How to disable a sub-account from having its own calcualtor settings?

How to disable or enable a sub-account from having its own calcualtor settings?

To disable or enable a sub-account from having its own calculator settings please follow these steps below:

  1. Open the web portal by clicking here and log in using your main account 
  2. Click on your Profile Name in the top right corner   
  3. From the dropdown, select Manage Sub-Accounts
  4. Click the checkbox under the column Disabled Calculator Settings for the sub-account you want to disable calculator settings. If you want to allow your secondary account to change the calculator settings, please uncheck the box.
This will log out the sub-account from AZInsight and require them to log back in with the updated settings.
When Disabled Calculator Setting is enabled for a sub-account on the asinzen web portal the sub-account will not be able to see or change the calculator settings option when they go to the gear settings menu on AZInsight and the calculator settings will be synchronized from the main account.

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